About JoAnn Jansen

In her varied and remarkable film career, JoAnn has served as an acting coach, producer and choreographer- an unusual trifecta. She has also been a director on many non-film projects.

JoAnn was born in Bayside, Queens, NY, the child of two professional ballroom dancers. Dancing was in her blood, and she began taking ballet class at age 6. By 10 she was admitted to NYC ballet and remained with the company into her teenage years. By 15, she traded in the tutu for a gang jacket and a future in dance looked doubtful.

The family moved to suburban St. Louis, in part to get JoAnn and her brother away from the dangers of the street. JoAnn excelled in athletics in high school and then returned to her first love of dance while in college.

She completed advanced degrees in psychology, focusing on movement for children with special needs. JoAnn then returned to New York, and for 15 years was one of the premiere modern dancers in that city. For eight of those years, JoAnn ran her own dance company and earned many excellent reviews from prestigious publications including The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times.

JoAnn shows no signs of slowing down and has set her sights on a career as a film director.