Acting VS. Winning The Lottery: What’s Better? For some people who dream about an acting career, landing a role in even the smallest Hollywood production would mean the world to them. It would feel like winning the lottery, actually. Maybe they might not cash out the same amount as they would from a lottery jackpot, but they would definitely feel the same excitement. And the truth is a lot of the folks who envision themselves embracing a career in acting find themselves thinking how much money they could make in this business once they could start landing a few auditions. If you are interested in learning more about the similarities between the two as well as some other interesting details, keep reading.

Playing The Lottery VS Acting: A Time Comparison

  • Let's face it, we've all seem the waitresses still working in coffee shops for years in a row, trying land an audition that will finally kick start their career in Hollywood. But very few of them actually make it.

  • Since acting is a particular type of career, a lot of people want it. Hence, competition is fierce. Think of it as people playing Powerball every week, each trying to lay their hands on that mind-blowing jackpot prize announced so grandiosely. Or looking at the latest lotto649 results, trying to figure out if they won at least a smaller prize – similar to actors checking the audition lists to see if they got any role.

  • follow url Most lottery players also play for many years in a row until they finally manage to win something, and it might not even be the jackpot either. Of course actors usually spend many hours a week or a day practicing scripts, taking acting lessons, taking care of their physical looks and so on.

  • click A lottery winner doesn't have to go through any sort of special training to play and win, but knowing how to improve the odds of winning is a good way of doing things.

  • click Also, playing the lottery does not consume a great deal of time, as lottery play, as opposed to other forms of gambling, has the simples rules to follow only requires a few of minutes a day tops to play. So you could say that, at least timewise, playing the lottery does have more advantages compared to acting.

  • But the odds of landing a role in a small movie might however be slightly bigger than the ones compared to winning a huge jackpot. lotto 649 results on

Winning The Lottery VS Being A Paid Actor

follow url Now let's speak in terms of money. Some of the easiest work to get as a starting actor is as an extra or background actor. There are projects that pay very well. The average extra can expect to make a fixed rate between $60 and $350 for 4 up to 10 hours a day, depending on the production. Of course the biggest actors on the planet get paid huge loads of money up to dozens of millions of dollars or once for a single role. But winning the lottery could bring you at least a few millions in your account over the night, and that's not something to be neglected either.

What's More Fulfilling?

see If all you can dream of is to star in movies on the big screen, you will definitely say that pursuing your career and seeing it bloom is way better than winning free money. Even if it's loads of it. Imply being filthy rich will not bring you the type of admiration that your biggest fans will feel toward you. However, winning the lottery could help you complete all of your bucket list dreams. And this can be fulfilling enough!

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