Acting Coach

Acting, Speaking and Professional Dance

JoAnn has extensive experience in performance coaching in a variety of areas. She works as an acting coach for film, plays and is a speaking coach as well as a coach for corporate presentations. JoAnn has coached Dance companies and is a coach for Infinite Flow, a wheelchair dance company specializing in inclusion.

5 Essential Elements

1. Script Analysis
2. Creating characters
3. Improvisation
4. Knowing the words
5. Knowing how to work in front of the Camera

Teaching Points

· Listen carefully
· How to tell the truth
· Do your homework if there is a script
· Understand the story and characters as deeply as you can
· Identify the change of feelings of a character
· Decide who your character is
· Study who the “I” is
· Learning to not over control your character
· Locate the character in a social context